Your Knowledge Platform for Rapid Intuitive Data Exploration

Empowers business users to freely explore data using natural language queries within a google like interface, harness the power of combining all their data assets, including Big Data and easily perform ad-hoc analytics, including predictive analytics.

“Why Semantify?”

Semantify enables you to have conversations with your data…

With Semantify, you get more meaningful insights from your data than any other tool. While other tools are limited to just dashboards and pre-programmed questions, Semantify is the only solution to iteratively explore your data universe and get instant answers using natural language questions. Semantify enables business users to combine their business knowledge with the data universe and instantly extract meaningful insights from it, without dependence on data experts for data extraction. It is like having conversations with your data - you ask english language questions through a google like interface, and you get instant answers…

No data can hide from Semantify. If data exists somewhere, Semantify will hunt it down. It will help track down trends, identify patterns and enable you to perform predictive analytics as well…

Major Client Benefits


No more having to ask data experts to run queries, collate data and come back with the answers. No more having to wait for days to get these answers, or answers to intuitive follow up questions. No more restrictions on type of reports and presentations, on what questions you can ask.

Semantify opens the door to instant, intuitive, iterative exploration across any industry, for any function, be it a CEO, Business Head, CFO, Risk Manager, Marketing Manager, Salesperson, Entrepreneur, Researcher, or Call Center representative.

  • Immediate answers to iterative queries, faster decision cycles
  • Full platform implementation and deployment in less than a month
  • Customized solutions for ad-hoc analytics built in less than 2 weeks
  • Knowledge power packs enable rapid startup

Semantify’s mission is to empower anyone with limited technology knowledge to intuitively and instantly explore their entire data assets universe with instant results. For example, within enterprises, business users can ask natural language questions on a search bar and get instant answers, while Semantify handles all the critical tasks of searching and aggregating across multiple disparate databases that contain structured, unstructured or semi-unstructured data that lie fragmented across internal and external data environments. Including Big Data.

This is true at-will and on demand exploration power. Any number of variables can be combined in one question. Users can keep investigating deeper into every answer until they satisfy their hunches and theories. Large groups of users can explore, collaborate and create solutions.

  • Business users can share knowledge applications; democratization of data access
  • Power users can expand variables and knowledge base
  • Any business user can now ask English questions; no need for technical know-how

A platform inspired by business users, and praised by their enterprise technology partners, Semantify uses breakthrough and disruptive technology to remove all the typical barriers to adoption – small hardware footprint, very fast implementation, customized applications and reporting, all this at a low technical knowledge needed for users. Semantify achieves smooth integration and synergies with existing technology assets and tools – reusable components and low maintenance. Most of all, it empowers business users to expand the scope and power of the solution independently, without being hostage to the “product company“.

Significant productivity gains flow from adopting Semantify — from BI tool license and resource cost savings to proven revenue acceleration. Once our customers experience Semantify, they understand exactly why we claim that there is no other competitor that compares to the breadth and depth of the promise it makes.

  • Automates data gathering so users focus on analysis
  • Automated query fulfilment reduces human resources cost drastically
  • Faster time to market and revenue generation
  • Huge savings in license costs of existing tools

The Power of Using Semantify

Understanding the intent of the question. Generating the relevant queries on the fly.

Connect, Explore, Visualize

Our Differentiation

The first in the industry to achieve an intersection of self service business intelligence functionality with semantic search engine to achieve exploration of enterprise data using natural language queries. This engine powers real time, meaning based search on structured, unstructured and semi-structured data lying across multiple, large, fragmented and disparate databases. The unified, open platform enables fast creation of customized solutions through a simple console based tool.

Self Service Business Intelligence

Our solution is a single software platform that runs on generic off-the-shelf hardware and allows users to query large data sets in real-time across structured and unstructured search, including Big Data.

Natural Language Processing

Empowers business users hitherto denied to freely explore data, without dependence on data experts. This open platform is future-proof, with easy extensibility for advanced operations such as predictive analytics.

Semantic Search

Understands the intent and nuances of any question and generates relevant SQL queries on the fly. Hence we have automated the query generation and fulfillment process, reducing your dependence on experts.

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